Through the grace of God and your generous donations,

work began on the church's upgrades, repairs, and improvements July 2018.

Enjoy these pictures and check back often to see how far we've come!

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June 2_2018_Youth_room_emptied_out_.1June 2, 2018: Preparations begin!     June 2_2018_Youth_room_emptied_out_.2June 2, 2018: The youth room is emptied

June 25_2018_Trees_and_shrubs_removed_from_street_side_of_the_church_.2June 25, 2018: Trees & shrubs are removed from street side of church     June 25_2018_Removal_of_weeping_cherry_and_shrubs_at_back_of_churchJune 25, 2018: Weeping cherry & shrubs are removed at back of church

July 2_2018_The_concrete_steps_are_goneJuly 2, 2018: The concrete steps are removed     July 2_2018_The_back_stairs_are_removedJuly 2, 2018: The back stairs are now history


July 2_2018_Removal_of_concrete_stairs_and_landing_by_2nd_floor_conference_roomJuly 2, 2018: Removal of stairs & landing       July 5_2018_Laying_out_the_drainage_and_runoff_pipesJuly 5, 2018: Dry-fitting drainage & run-off pipes 


July 5_2018_Landing_and_stairs_now_goneJuly 5, 2018: Landing & stairs now all gone      July 5_2018_Concrete_steps_hammered_apartJuly 5, 2018: Concrete steps are hammered apart


 July 6_2018_Original_foundation_made_ofJuly 6, 2018: Foundation made from locally sourced sandstone & siltstone     JUly 6_2018_Organ_bump_out_foundation_only_12_inches_deepJuly 6, 2018: Swell chamber foundation found to be only 12-18" deep


July 6_2018_Foundation_exposed_along_the_street_sideJuly 6, 2018: Foundation on the street side is exposed & examined     July 11_2018_Underpinning_organ_bumpout_beginsJuly 11, 2018: Swell chamber underpinning begins, assuring a solid foundation 


July 11_2018_Contractor_John_Maier_inspects_the_foundationJuly 11, 2018: J.E. Maier Carpentry & Contracting makes more assessments     July 17_2018_Swell_chamber_underpinning_in_progress_.2July 17, 2018: Cement now curing in the swell chamber underpinnings 


July 17_2018_Swell_chamber_underpinning_in_progress_.1July 17, 2018: Swell chamber underpinning in progress     July 31_2018_Active_construction_site_.1July 31, 2018: Our construction site is active and muddy!


July 31_2018_Close-up_of_foundation_pointingJuly 31, 2018: Close-up of foundation pointing     July 31_2018_Underpinning_complete_.2July 31, 2018: The underpinnng is now complete


August 3_2018_Restroom_connecting_wall_removedAugust 3, 2018: Restroom connecting wall removed 




























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