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Welcome to our collection of vintage photos of Alexandria Church

We invite you to take a moment to reflect on a time gone by


Always on the hunt for additional vintage pictures,

we ask that you contact the church office if you have pictures to add

or if you would like further details about a particular photo


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Cemetery storage_for_winter_months     CEMETERY 1

CHildrensDay1919Flags     ChildrensDaySailboat

ChildrensDayUndated     Children 1900s

Harvest Home_at_Alexandria_Church     Little York

LITTLE YORK_CHAPEL_1951     Little York_Chapel_1965

     MtPleasantSabbathSchoolCirca 1904-1918

Mt Pleasant_Cemetery     Church and_schoolhouse

Sanctuary 1953     Sanctuary circa_1940

Sanctuary 1898     Childrens Day_1908

Childrens Day     1914

Childrens Day_1940s      Sanctury in_color  

School.6     Summer cars

ManseUndatedSideYard     ManseUndatedSnow

Manse 1900s     Manse 1947

Manse 1960s     Manse 1953


SteepleRepair     Church

Church sketch_Conklin_cropped_1850_.jpg    Church circa_1950s

     Christmas 1921     Church weathervane

Church addition.1     Church addition.2

1947     Church at_Christmas   

Church in_color     Church in_color_1994  


Church 1999


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